The New Florence Biennale - IX Edizione 2013

From 30/11/13 to 12/08/2013 will host the ninth Florence Biennale, founded in 1997 by Pasquale and Piero Celona and built within the space of Fortezza da Basso in Florence, which happens to be one of the few events d 'international art structured as a platform-independent and self-financed for contemporary art, where artists from all over the world gather in Florence to live a unifying freely, joyfully authentic and intensely unique.


The mission of the new Florence Biennale, progettualmente called "The New Florence Biennale", while remaining open to artists of all ages is dedicated to young artists UNDER 30, focuses on the Ethics of Art as DNA and promotes the search for a New Art paradigm for the Digital Age.
Commitment that takes on important symbolic value as born and developed in the city that gave birth to personalities such as Lorenzo the Magnificent, the undisputed star of a new patronage and the Florentine Renaissance, Maria de 'Medici, founder ideal of the Louvre, and that has nourished of themselves as artists, to name but a few, Masaccio, Ghiberti, Donatello, Paolo Uccello, Filippino, Verrocchio, Botticelli and Leonardo.
All this in complete and perfect harmony with the spirit of Florentine humanism, to stimulate the contemporary reinterpretation of the same core values ​​of Humanism

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