Money and beauty


From 17 September 2011 to January 22, 2012 
Money and beauty. The bankers, Botticelli and the burning of the vanities 
As of September 17, 2011 will be inaugurated at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence the exhibition "Beauty and Money. The bankers, Botticelli and the burning of the vanities", curated by art historian and writer Sebregondi Ludovica and translator Tim Parks. 
This is an exhibition with works by Botticelli and other Renaissance painters illustrates how the blossoming of the modern banking system was parallel to the more artistic season of the Western world. The conflict between spiritual and economic values characterized the lives of families of that era and the visitor understand how they are interrelated and the economy of art and religious to the political changes of the time. Patronage and banking are tied because it financed the enterprises of the royal houses, thus promoting the work of some of the most important artists of all time. The exhibition illustrates how this system allowed the Florentines to create immense wealth and thus to dominate the scenario of European trade and finance the Renaissance. 
Its shows a very interesting and therefore not to be missed because the two curators have different and sometimes opposing points of view on the interpretation of the subject. And it is precisely because of what you will have the opportunity to look across the arts through an interdisciplinary perspective involving economists, politicians and diplomats, and telling the roots of the Florentine Renaissance optics of the relationship between art, power and money. 
 The exhibition concludes with a vision of a society in crisis, with the political and religious storm was Savonarola who came to deny what he had represented the Renaissance, but form an integral part.