Matthias Corvinus And Florence. Art and Humanism at the court of Hungary's King

From 10 October 2013 to 6 January 2014, will be held in Florence, in the San Marco Museum, an exhibition which has as its main theme the relationship that King Matthias Corvinus had with Florence, with his artists, his  illuminators and all the cultural circle which revolved around Lorenzo de 'Medici.

Through the works of various kinds - painting, sculpture, ceramics, miniaturaconservate in various museums in Europe and overseas, the exhibition aims to demonstrate how the Hungarian humanism has his roots in Italy, and how, in the arts, it was critical diffusion of the Florentine Renaissance style. Among the most important works of the upholstery of the throne of Matthias Corvinus of Budapest National Museum, built to a design by Antonio del Pollaiuolo, the marble relief with the portrait of Alexander the Great of the National Gallery in Washington, attributed to Andrea del Verrocchio, the Bible Matthias Corvinus of the Laurentian Library illuminated by Gherardo and Monte di Giovanni, the Portraits of Matthias Corvinus and Beatrice of Aragon, of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, attributed to Giovanni Dalmata, the Epithalamium Marliano of the Library Guarnacci of Volterra, with the portrait miniaturist of Matthias belonging to Leonardo's circle.