"The New Frontiers of Coeliac Disease: an Update from Basic to Clinical Research", which will be held in Florence on March 29-31, 2012, will see the participation of many eminent Speakers coming from every part of the world including different European countries, United States and Australia.


Topics of the International Meeting on Coeliac Disease will include pathogenic aspects, novel genetic implications, new trends in clinical presentation, changing diagnostic criteria and perspectives for an alternative treatment to gluten-free diet. A special session will be reserved to young researchers who will show off the results of their most original studies. Moreover, research projects promoted by the Italian Coeliac Disease Foundation will be discussed during the meeting.


Parallel sessions of 30 and 31 March will touch practical relevant aspects of the life of Coeliac Disease patients such as nutritional and psychological problems as well as the role of food industry and Italian government in the management of Coeliac Disease.


We hope that this Meeting will rise many new insights and challenges for all scientists and experts who are involved in Coeliac Disease research, providing the best results for improving the quality of life of Coeliac Patients.